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Fresh Start Caring For Kids Foundation provides no-cost medical treatment to children with physical deformities through the gift of reconstructive surgery and related medical care.


Fresh Start Caring for Kids Foundation transforms the lives of disadvantaged infants, children and teens with physical deformities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease through the gift of reconstructive surgery and related medical care.

The foundation provides no-cost medical services to patients through Surgery Weekends and clinics. Medical services are donated by doctors, clinicians and other medical professionals.

All of the overhead and administrative expenses for the Fresh Start Caring For Kids Foundation are covered by Fresh Start Surgical Gifts and The Plastic Surgery Foundation, so that 100% of every donation directly benefits the medical needs of our patients.


Utica Gray

Meet Kassy, a lively 5 ½ year old girl from Tijuana, Mexico, who was born with a congenital pigmented hairy nevus on her right arm.

“It was a black birthmark with a lot of hair. It looks like a monkey and it was bad looking," Kassy described it, as only a five year old can say. Kassy has undergone three surgeries so far, all through Fresh Start.

“Without the program we would not have been able to afford it,” Kassy's grandmother said.

The first of Kassy’s three surgeries created an expander in the skin of her abdominal area to fill over time with a saline solution, expanding the skin in the area.

The second surgery removed the expander and created a ‘pocket’ in her abdomen. The hairy nevus tissue was removed and the arm was sewn into the abdominal pocket.

The final surgery, on February 28, was to separate her arm from her side. Fresh Start volunteer surgeon and ASPS member Sara Dickie, MD, was the lead surgeon on Kassy’s treatments and has overseen her care.

Kassy is now headed home to begin her life anew without her "monkey skin" as a fun-loving, happy and vibrant young girl.